As one of the premier Custom Home builders in Indianapolis, our aim is to build a house that is uniquely suited for the family or individual who will call it a home.

How do we go about building a home the Wright way?

with our clients is the starting essential. We learn the clients' objectives, their dreams, and their personal life styles.

Then we verbally walk hand-in-hand through an imaginary home with them. We learn what each of them sees and thinks about each space from front entry to the farthest reach.

What room sizes are pleasing?

How will each room be used? What kind of entertaining will be done? How often will guests be staying in the home? How much cooking will be done, and by whom?

Then, based on extensive insight into the clients' thinking and desires, our designers begin conceptual drawings. Each step of the way, we stay in close touch with clients to make sure we are tracking with their individual vision of the home.

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Building a home takes a team. Full-time designers and craftsmen along with professional sub-contractors who have “made the grade” with WWBC are Wright Team Members who understand our demanding standard of excellence and are committed to meeting them.

As we serve each client, we feel a deep responsibility to translate their vision into a structure of superior design and construction quality. It is the only way to assure the long lasting value and marketability that any important investment deserves.

Purity of design; Intelligent meshing of material; Accurate reading of clients needs; and a team dedicated to quality craftsmanship. These are our stock in trade. And these are the reasons a Will Wright home is a lasting and sound investment.

We believe that bringing a dream of home into reality should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience in which the client and builder form a partnership of mutual respect.

If our way of building makes sense to you, we would be pleased to arrange a meeting to get acquainted with you and to discuss your dream home.

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